Chapada Diamantina

Fumaça Waterfall
Is unique and astonishing for its grandiosity and imposing scenery. With 380 meters of free fall, it is the second highest waterfall of the world, following only the Salto Angel in Venezuela. During the season from May to September, the falls water levels are less abundant and the wind embraces the water drops and presents a smoky effect, which originated the name of "Fumaça" (Smoke). The trek to the top of the Smoke Waterfall starts with an easy walk and offers the satisfaction of a visual panorama over the Capão Valley. When you get to the bottom of the wall of the hill, the trek becomes a little harder up among the rocks. After the first hour you reach a stable walking pace and the surrounding area is special for its rich and various flora of Bromeliads, Orchids and Cactus. The area has the name of "gerais", an incense area that fosters a unique fauna rich in variety, including the local birds, monkeys, reptiles and passing felines. Fortunate trekkers might get a sight of the footprints of the local puma, currently in extinction! The approximate walking time to arrive to the falls is 2 hours. Arriving to the falls is uplifting to look around, breath deeply and fall into the mystery of the creation. Enjoy the peaceful and quiet moment, which you will probably never forget. The water flows and drops from the Smoke Waterfall ending its voyage miles away, in the Bahia de Todos os Santos.

Sossego Waterfal
A track tracing the Ribeirão River takes you to one of the most impressive waterfalls in the region, with great swimming opportunities along the way, including the exhilarating Ribeirão do Meio, a natural waterslide. The trail has about 14 km (going and returning), walking along a dazzling canyon, along rocks and beautiful wells, until we reach the extraordinary Sossego Waterfall.

A ghost town... miners abandoned this once prosperous town when the diamond veins dried up. Xique-xique de Igatú, or simply Igatú, is a village of around 400 inhabitants, but in the peak of the diamond era by the end of last century it had over 9000. The attractions are the ruins of the old rock houses, some of which were still in use some decades ago. Nowadays adobe or wattle and daub houses prevail.

Pai Inácio Hill
The treeking to its top takes about 15min, at 1240m of altitude. From there you’ll have some of the most spectacular views of Chapada, with a series of flat mountains that are so characteristic of this landscape. The end of the day light enhances the beauty of the relief even more. The sunset seen from there is a must!

Capão Valley
Perhaps the most beautiful valley in the Chapada Diamantina National Park. The trek through the Capão Valley takes 3 days/2 nights and gets to the bottom of the Cachoeira da Fumaça (Smoke Waterfall). You’ll walk through the jungle and camp along the river on one of the most spectacular ecologic adventures in the region.

Buracão Wayerfall
The biggest and probably the most beautiful waterfall of Chapada. The gateway to this wonder of nature is the town of Mucugê, in the south of the Park. 80km from Mucugê is the entrance of the farm where is located the Canyon of Buracão, a deep and narrow valley, surrounded by stonewalls and beautiful vegetation. After 1,5 hour of tracking and smaller falls, we reach the bottom of the valley. The first image is the wonderful the Enchanted Falls, which waters comes out from the stonewalls and disappear when touch the ground. But the best is reserved to the end. After swiming 100m back the river we achieve the Buracão Falls, a natural pool under a strong waterfall 96m high. All this effort is justified when you see this magic place.

The underground of the Chapada Diamantina is as fascinating as the surface.
The caves of the potholding or Speleological Park of the Iraquara, close to the town of Palmeiras, make one of the most important subterranean nets of Brazil. The most visited caves are the Lapão, Lapa Doce, the Azul, the Torrinha, the Buraco do Cão and the Pratinha.

Enchanted Pool
An underground pool formed inside a big cave with crystal clear blue waters, formed on limestone. The pool is around 100m long and 50m wide, and with a maximum depth of 61m. Between April and the beginning of September, specially in June and July, sunrays reach the surface of the pool, which give it an even more magic atmosphere. The resulting stunningly beautiful view makes the Enchanted Pool being considered by locals the 8th wonder of the world.

Lapão Grotto
This is the largest quartz stone in South America. Access is tricky and it's necessary to take a competent guide to get there. The walk takes around 4 hours. Good place for rappeling.

Lapa Doce Cave
A huge cave formed by a subterranean river. The walk goes all the way through, from one end of the cave to the other, in total more than 1800 metres underground in complete darkness. The local guides will have special lamps to light inside the cave where you’ll see an impressive assortment of stalagmites, stalactites and other formations.

Pratinha Cave
Carefully scaved by the Pratinha River, when it leaves the underground and comes to Earth, the Pratinha Cave has characteristics of the calcarian regions with crystal clear blue waters that, when reached by the sunrays get a silvered tone from where the name “Pratinha” comes. Enjoy the refreshing dives and the snorkel where you can see lots of fishes.