Visit some of the best beach destinations in Brazilian coast. More than 8000km of white sand beaches, islands, dunes, coral reef formations and constant wind, coumpounding an astonishing scenario perfect not only for relax but also for marine sports such as diving, surf, windsurf, kitesurf.

Jericoacoara - 5 days
A charming and romantic beach village, elected world top 10 most beautiful beaches by The Washington Post.
Itacaré & Maraú - 6 days
The newest jewel of the Bahia Coast, with untouched beaches and rich Atlantic Rain Forest.
Carnival in Salvador 2010 - 5 days
Be part of the world's biggest party! Join 3 of the best "Blocos" of Salvador's carnival. A lot of fun, beautiful people and nice beaches.
Arraial dAjuda - 5 days
Enjoy 5 days in Arraial D’Ajuda, a charming beach village located in the south of Bahia, where you find not only calm and warm sea, but also the best nightlife in the region.
Fernando de Noronha - 5 days
The perfect vacation in one of the last refugees of peace and preserved nature.
Rio de Janeiro - 4 days
Visit the most famous attractions of the eternal "Wonderful City"!
Carnival in Rio de Janeiro 2010 - 8 days
Considered world's most famous and magnificent festival, the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is an explosion of colors, sounds and joy. On this tour, we visit Rio's most famous attractions and admire the samba school parade, besides visiting the charming colonial village of Paraty.
Diving in Brazil -
More than 8000km great options for your best diving experience.
Natal + Praia de Pipa - 5 days
Visit the coast of Rio Grande do Norte State, one of the prettiest stretches of the Brazilian northeast cost. Beaches with green and calm water illuminated by the sun that shines more than 300 days per year.
Florianopolis - 5 days
Experience Florianopolis in a unique way, visiting the most beautiful places in the island, interacting with the local communities and enjoying the night-life.
Porto de Galinhas - 5 days
One of the most famous beaches of the Brazilian northeast. Nice natural pools created by a great barrier of chorales and intense nocturnal life.
Lençois Maranhenses National Park - 6 days
An unforgetable trip to admire the unique landscape composed by white dunes and deep blue lagoons at the impressive Lençóis Maranhenses National Park.

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